CIS 5 Integrations

CIS 5 now allows you to respond to feedbacks from Google Play and the App Store.

Customer Intelligence Suite


You now can use fewer services to provide customer feedback resolution, because CIS 5 now collects feedbacks from mobile app stores such as Google Play and the App Store. You no longer need to resort to using the dashboard of these resources to respond to customer reviews, as you can do so with CIS 5.


Customer service and support is the fundamental goal of any customer-centric business. The implementation of a language model based on artificial intelligence will help raise the quality of service to a new level.

Customer Intelligence Suite


ChatGPT was released in 2022 by AI research company OpenAI. It is an AI that participates in dialogue. It is similar to the automated bots you find on customer service sites, but it is much more complex.

ChatGPT can help operators provide timely answers to customer questions, provide product recommendations, and even process transactions using scripts it has been trained on.

The main goal of combining ChatGPT capabilities with AZN Customer Intelligence Suite (CIS) and Digital Onboarding Portal (DOP) solutions is to take the quality of customer support to a new level. The integration is designed to help support operators respond to customer requests more quickly. ChatGPT features enable operators to better leverage AI in their operations and provide more detailed and consistent responses to customers. With GPT, customer support can summarize conversation data, paraphrase, and auto-populate responses.

ChatGPT in action

ChatGPT can be used in different ways in a variety of areas. It is mainly used for entertainment purposes: to conduct dialogues with AI, write texts, or edit/create images. It is quick to learn and can interact with a conversational tone - all of which will be useful in customer service.

While ChatGPT won't completely replace the need for customer service agents, it has many benefits. Functions of generative AI in this area:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Personalized response
  • Quick responses to customer complaints and requests
  • Responses to customer reviews
  • Suggesting answers
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Performance monitoring and improvement

Brand Intelligence Suite 2.0

Your brand is the heart and soul of your business. A positive brand reputation facilitates loyalty and boosts customer confidence in your products and services, ultimately driving sales and bottom-line growth. Any negative impact to the brand reputation can lead to PR nightmare and loss of revenue.

Brand Intelligence Suite

Defend your Brand

Brand Intelligence Suite 2.0 in action

We can automate <-> your tasks 24/7

Customer Intelligence Suite 3.0

Research shows that companies that utilize a comprehensive approach for integrating customer analytics strategy into their business model enjoy an almost 10X greater year-over-year increase in annual company revenue.

Customer Intelligence Suite


AZN Customer Intelligence Suite (CIS) 3.0 utilizes the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning neural networks to gather, evaluate and monitor your Voice of the Customer (VoC) across social media and all omnichannel customer touch-points safeguarding your brand’s reputation.

Businesses are challenged daily to continuously improve margins, maintain customer loyalty and remain competitive. The customer experience is considered as the last battleground in brand perception by customers.

"One escalated customer complaint equals 50 unhappy customers and 1,375 negative word-of mouth cases. The impact easily transcends to revenue loss."

It is safe to assume that your company already engages some type of solution to measure your customers' sentiment toward your brand, products, and services. Some of the best-known tools to gain customer insight are; Feedback forms, NPS, Online and email surveys, SM channels, online contact, and comment forms. All these and other tools assist the business to ascertain Voice of Customer (VoC).

VoC is best described as the in-depth process of capturing customer's expectations, preferences and aversions. It focuses on customer needs, expectations, understandings, and product improvement

Our solution effectively minimizes the negative impact on your brand by enabling your business to rapidly react to any negative sentiment detected by our Customer Intelligent Suite 3.0

One of the biggest challenges that business face today is a multiplicity in customer journey touch points. This factor becomes even more important for well-diversified companies who deliver their content via multiple platforms (websites and mobile apps) in different languages, employing multiple Omni channels to engage their customers, spread their operations across countries and continents. Since different KPIs need to be measured depending on the touch point used by your clients, CIS 3.0 can run multiple programs at a time, allowing you to measure different KPIs based on the channel used by the client. This diversity in customer touch points and a vast amount of various sampling to gauge customer sentiment create an enormous amount of data. This is called big data and it requires AI powered solution to assist business to make right decisions at the right time.

Customer Intelligence Suite 3.0 in action

Our autonomous AI-powered solution monitors data from all sources across your entire enterprise for adverse/negative sentiment. Neural networks and intelligent metrics algorithms identify weaknesses in customer sentiment at their formation which allows business for rapid mediation. We apply neural networks for time series predictions and anomaly detection in data. Predictive logic provides information for future trend formation for your business key metrics.

CIS 3.0 monitors your social media channels for adverse/negative customer sentiment. It reacts with mediation by executing predetermined logic routines negating any need for human intervention.

  • Omni channels Product(s)/Service(s) satisfaction
  • Customer support effort
  • Live chat performance
  • AI-powered bots performance
  • Logistics
  • In-person customer engagement
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media channels
  • Run sentiment analysis on tweets and engage AI predictive logic to monitor key factors
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) - mange detractors in real time. Set performance benchmarks and engage real-time predictive forecasts
  • Monitor all your customer feedback and comments on your corporate website and omnichannel

Customer Intelligence Suite 3.0 offers an open API which enables us to integrate it into any business system.
For a complete list of CIS functionality, please contact us to set up a call.

We can automate <-> your tasks 24/7

  • An approval process around which tweets to send out in your business when a post with monitored keyword or hashtag are posted on social media channels
  • Receive notifications on your phone or email when Brand negative sentiment begins to form based on AI predictive logic analysis
  • Live dynamic Brand metrics review performance over time and evaluate AI predicted trends for specific keywords and hashtags (review sentiment analysis for your “customer service” effort)
  • Send an email broadcast or release a pre-approved press release on specified keyword and hashtag detection
  • Instantaneously reply to posts with negative comments from your support team with assurance on speedy mediation
  • Integrate with leading CRM solutions

Advanced Analytics Suite 3.0

Research shows that almost 80% of vital business information is stored in unmanaged repositories. Companies that embrace big data analytics will create new opportunities for revenue streams.

Advanced Analytics Suite


Data analytics in action

Below are examples of some advantages presented by adoption of big data analytics to various sectors;

Telecomm service providers use data analytics to analyze and process thousands of documents, images, manuals, customer data and reports in minutes to help their customer service team resolve customer queries more efficiently. They can save a significant amount of time & money when it comes to resolving customer issues over the call.

Customer service has changed dramatically in past few years as shoppers are expecting retailers to understand what exactly they need and when they need. Retailers are using big data analytics to meet customer demands. With an ocean of customer data from loyalty programs, e-commerce sites, buying habits and all, retailers use predictive analytics to predict trends, future demands and business strategies to boost profitability.

Healthcare industry is one of the most used analytics industry. Healthcare service providers are using data analytics to extract key insights from unstructured patient medical history. The patterns and other information captured from the data help doctors identify patients for chronic disease & other diseases, to offer timely treatment & reduce risk

Manufacturing companies use data analytics to fine-tune production in order to avoid inventory overruns and balance demand-supply ratio. With the use of predictive analytics, manufacturers are creating personalized products to match customer expectation and lower inventory and warehouse expenses.

Banking & Investment industry has multiple challenges in the form of securities fraud warning, tick analytics, card fraud detection, audit trail archival, credit risk reporting, trade visibility etc. With the use of data analytics, banks and other financial institutions are monitoring financial market effectively. Trade analytics is being used by many top banks & financial institutes for high-frequency trading.

There are plenty of other industries like communications, energy, technology, government, fashion, entertainment are using data analytics in order to get the best out of their business & customer data

AAS 3.0 open API architecture provides an easy and cost-effective path for AI-powered data analytics.

Some of AAS 3.0 successful integrations

  • Behavioral Anti-fraud solution for your website
  • KYC/AML/CFT compliance solution
  • Credit & Loan risk assessment solution
  • Algo trading

Digital Onboarding Portal 2.0

Historically, financial institutions have not been overly concerned with customer turnover. With competition from smarter start-ups, digital banks, rising customer turnover, the burden of legacy systems, and dwindling revenues, the focus now is more on bringing – and keeping – customers onboard.

Advanced Analytics Suite

From application to activation in under 10 minutes

Client onboarding reimagined

DOS 2.0 employs Business Intelligence services to model predictive analysis, to forecast transactional volume based on current trends. Availability of such forecasts will allow business to see if current support efforts will be able to sustain potential business growth in years to come and assure compliance with QoS requirements. Data analytics is overturning the way we do business with increased pace. Digital Onboarding Portal 2.0 cognitive services can utilize qualitative and quantitative information derived from data analytics to build a far more holistic consumer base, to adapt your digital onboarding process and validate your marketing efforts based on visitation metrics. DOS 2.0 will help you gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


AI technology at work for you



DOS 2.0 open API architecture provides an easy and cost-effective path for AI-powered data analytics.

Legacy system vs. modernization

One of the key challenges retail banks face is how to absorb digital disruption while taking regulatory and compliance requirements into consideration. The bulk of digital transformation happening in traditional banks today revolves around the customer front-end (online/mobile banking), while the middle and back office get bogged down with issues, such as:


  • Complex, legacy IT systems
  • Manual, paper-based processes
  • Siloed data sources
  • Higher costs for labor, infrastructure, error, and rework
  • Lack of agility
  • Lower customer satisfaction due to lack of a seamless experience


Maintaining legacy systems can eat up about 90% of a bank's technology budget, which has a significant impact on customer experience. This also renders the bank sluggish – only 30% of bankers feel their processes can adapt to external changes. It is therefore vital for banks to create a strategic roadmap based on the building blocks of digital adoption to make this transformation happen and get executed quickly. The best time to set the ball rolling is now.

Onboarding Antifraud Suite

AZN Antifraud Suite helps financial institutions to mitigate challenges associated with meeting KYC, AML and CFT compliance during digital client onboarding process.

Advanced Analytics Suite


Autonomous Defense technology

Our solution relies on AI-powered User Behavior Analytics (UBA) and known fraud metrics. UBA is based on the premise that human beings have distinct patterns of behavior, and identifying any deviations in these patterns can point to criminal intent.

The combination of AZN Fraud score and ID Document Verification during the Customer Due Diligence check assists financial institutions in meeting Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) compliance requirements, as well as reducing the risk of fraud. Our solution also assists with determination if data provided during the onboarding process crosses the threshold for Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) reporting. Our country-specific, configurable antifraud metrics allows our clients to set requirements for each country they operate in:

  • Simplified Due Diligence (“SDD”)
  • Basic Customer Due Diligence (“CDD”)
  • Enhanced Due Diligence (“EDD”)

Video Identity Verification

Catch 60% more fraudsters and also flag high-risk cases with the VIDV + Identity Antifraud formula, the most extensive set of KYC analysis in the industry.

Advanced Analytics Suite


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