Develop and deploy innovative solutions in time to meet rapidly rising Consumers’ expectations. You can build adaptable platforms to ignite digital transformation across your enterprise.

Our intense focus and comprehensive approach deliver significant improvements in operational excellence, risk mitigation, tangible performance enhancements, and a strategic outlook at the long-term life and evolution of your software and processes.


Custom Application Development process facilitates solutions designed and programmed for specific business requirements. While all outsourced applications are technically custom, the main difference is that packaged applications (boxed solutions) were designed with a general set of features to be used by a broad range of users. This type of development approach comes at a cost in performance and security.

"Quality design is the key to successful custom application development."

The goal is to streamline and lockdown the application core logic to assure optimal performance and security for the business.

AZN offers an opportunity to develop a competitive advantage by using emerging technologies in a more productive and cost-effective way. Our solutions aim to become an efficient method for industry leaders and smaller companies to reduce expenses and retain a competitive advantage.

Our development team provides total flexibility in terms of custom application development - the process is essentially "client driven". It is important to remember that a well-designed solution should provide the end-to-end product that is tailored to meet both your professional and practical business needs and therefore serves its intended purpose.

Process integral components

Our development process includes:

  • Comprehensive and detailed analysis of the business need
  • Preparation of design specifications
  • Initial design concept
  • Testing/validation
  • Client support (Training & support material provided)
  • Ongoing development and maintenance

Blockchain factor <-> AznChain

Blockchain technology is rapidly replacing the current centralized business model. Banks and financial institutions are exploring ways to implement blockchain tech to reduce transaction costs, increase transaction speed, eliminate multiple transactions and mitigate fraud. Online retailers look to blockchain to optimize their logistics and supply chains. More importantly, blockchain provides guaranteed, real-time transactions across borders, reducing the risk of loss due to currency fluctuations. Banks and FinTechs are adapting the distributed ledger technology (DLT) as the backbone of a new cross-border payments infrastructure to solve inefficiencies and provide faster, more affordable services. Blockchain is positioned to become the next evolutional leap which can present a significant competitive advantage for your business.

  • Technology capabilities advisory
  • Blockchain configuration and hosting
  • Product and PoC Development
  • BaaS (Blockchain as a Service)

Our blockchain experts can help you identify possible gains derived from adopting this new exciting technology into your existing business model.

As a blockchain developer, AZN has successfully developed and launched blockchain powered new derivative trading platform –


Average time saved due to process automation.


Participation in project work.


WOW effect produced more than 100 times.


Reduction in the average cost of implementing our development.

Adopt the power of AI for your business today

Knowledge Mining

Engage AI to obtain new insights from all your content and customer feedback

Machine Learning

Gain latent insights from newly deployed pre-trained models

AI apps and agents

Deliver breakthrough experiences with smart apps.

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

AZN will help introduce AI into your existing business model. The benefits of this adoption process largely determined by the nature of your enterprise and existing IT infrastructure. Important to note that AI and ML powered solutions integration depend on the ability to gather data – the more the better. Thus, whether you manage an international ecommerce portal, digital publication or a financial institution, the takeaway point is - if you can provide data already gathered by your applications then there are multiple advantage vectors for implementation of AI-powered solution.

Below are examples of the most frequent benefits gained by our customers after AI-powered solution integration;

  • The ability to search for hidden models within dynamic systems. A dynamic system is a complex object that is influenced by many factors, each of which can change the degree of its influence on the object. An intellectual algorithm may in some cases replace a full group of qualified financial analysts, security specialists, surveillance center operators, database operators.

  • The speed of decision-making by intelligent expert systems, which can be hundreds, even thousands of times faster than the speed of decision-making by a specific person.

  • The absence of an emotional factor in decision making, specific to all types of specialists.

  • The ability to dynamically adapt to changing conditions and to change the list of factors affecting outcomes. The fifth advantage is the ability to combine multiple algorithms, allowing one to self-learn and dynamically modify systems that can provide a wide range of services to a given organization.

Key reasons for AI integration

Intellectual algorithms in finance can serve as financial advisors for investment or credit policy, as stock indicators to determine investment potential, analyze volumes and price movements. In addition, smart financial advisors are able to assume the role of security specialist: track suspicious financial transactions based on the behavioral patterns built by system users, reducing the number of financial frauds and unsatisfied users.

Your benefit: reduction of the cost of financial analysts, acquisition of prognostic functionalities to increase the percentage of profitability, search for hidden investment links to optimize the investment policy, reduction of accidents related to financial fraud.

Intelligent logistics algorithms will reduce product transportation costs and solve many other logistical issues related to moving objects. In addition, it is possible to create simulation models for moving objects of different types, to train operators of monitoring terminals or to obtain combinations of the occurrence of events.

Your benefit: reduction of transport costs, development of delivery plans for the future, acquisition of a tool to train surveillance operators without interacting with real objects, obtaining a wider range of possible coincidences of circumstances.

Intelligent metrics algorithms identify weaknesses in software products by collecting data about user behavior in the system. As a result, it is possible to optimize the interaction of users with the system, which will be a consequence of the increased number of conversions and the satisfaction of potential customers.

Your benefit: increase the conversion rate, increase the percentage of satisfied users, thus increase the income from the sale of the product.

Intelligent predictive algorithms allow the analysis of historical data in conjunction with dynamically changing real-world data, by constructing predictions of the behavior of the object in question in the future. The object of the study can serve as a set of moving objects, social interactions, product sales plans, etc.

Your benefit: widen visible horizons, develop plans for various behavioral situations.

If you have not found the use of smart algorithms in your system, but want to benefit from their integration, contact us and we will perform a full analysis of the need for their application.

Introduction to intelligent algorithms

Intelligent algorithms are, in many cases, practical alternative techniques for tackling and solving a variety of challenging business problems. The process of implementing intelligent algorithms includes the following steps:

  • Analysis of the need to use neural networks, genetic algorithms, expert systems, logistic algorithms

  • Parametric sampling (basic parameters affecting the result)

  • Design and development of a smart system

  • Support and additional product support

Intelligent control based on Intelligent algorithms is a class of control techniques that use various artificial intelligence computing approaches like neural networks, Bayesian probability, fuzzy logic, machine learning, reinforcement learning, evolutionary computation and genetic algorithms. These controls applied to business models provide insight and foresight to key factors affecting your business processes.

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