Evolution, operation, and maintenance of your mission-critical applications is our main focus.

Our goal to enhance your vision for your brand with the latest disruptive technologies to optimize your business model and attain the highest degree of compliance with the customer centric strategy.


We offer you the freedom to implement your design ideas. Combine your dreams with the skills of our designers and attain unique and compelling user experience for your brand. Embrace creative innovation and harness advanced technologies to thrive in the digital age.



AZN specializes in the evolution, operation, and maintenance of your mission-critical applications. From ideation to creation, we're a team with a decade of expertise in developing and deploying effective customized solutions. We aim at the highest degree of customer centric approach.



Understanding implications of constantly evolving IT sector on your business is one of the most important aspects of our consulting services. The pursuit of gaining a competitive edge by implementing emerging technologies can be both; rewarding and treacherous. We help our clients to maximize rewards derived from IT adoption process and to avoid technology adverse effects.



Research is paramount to our success vector. It is the foundation for all our projects. We believe in utilizing straightforward well-tested strategies that result in projects that become market leaders. Review strategic questions surrounding brand management, product development, and consumer perceptions.


Our solutions are powered by the latest technologies


Success vectors

01. Planning & Analysis

All of our projects start with a thorough research and planning rounds. We work with our clients to get to the heart of their business challenges - not just their digital ones. We make sure that our design, development and launch rounds are all fed with the right information from the get-go. Collaboration is key - and we expect to be immersed in our client strategies in order to deliver the best solution.

02. Prototype & Design

Visual design is a collaborative, transparent round of work that sees our creative team working with our clients to deliver visuals that reflect the project's brief, proposal and goals. Our approach to visual design is a relentless pursuit for perfection, and we don't move to development until the design work hits the mark.

03. Development & Integration

Our developers collaborate with client teams to implement both; the creative front-end and nailing down the back-end functionality. We make sure that our teams follow agreed implementation and integration plans. Live project status monitor allows our clients to be up-to-date on all aspects of the project. We'll also work on data migration and any other external (3rd party) services integration. This is when we make sure that everything is pixel perfect and bite accurate before we move to test and launch phase.

04. Testing & Launch

All our solutions are put through a rigorous testing process to assure the highest quality standards and client expectations. Our testing and validation phases focus on making sure our solutions are secure, functional, robust and provide an outstanding user experience across all platforms. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Security Penetration Tests are conducted to mitigate any performance issues and satisfy compliance requirements. This process continues until there is nothing left except to push the button – “GO LIVE”

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