Our consulting approach ensures the long-term strategy for your company's IT infrastructure that is linked to strategic business plans and supports sustained business growth.

Leveraging our IT consulting experience and knowledge, we use the latest and most innovative analysis and forecasting technologies and offer customers our unique experience in executing integrated strategic IT projects. This enables us to respond to clients’ strategic concerns, optimize information system development costs, and build an integrated corporate information management system that is competitive now and in the future.

AZN offers the following advantages

Regardless of the nature of the business, a company implements IT solutions to increase efficiency, optimize cost, gain new markets, improve security and many other objectives. This approach may yield short-term benefits, but in the long-term lack of a systematic approach to digital transformation will interfere with a company’s rapid growth. Some of these may include:

  • Determines the degree to which the IT infrastructure aligns with the organization’s current and future needs
  • Develops the optimum plan for future development to transition to the use of smart IT infrastructure
  • Formulates the core objectives of IT development
  • Aligns IT development plans to the company’s growth strategy in the short and long terms
  • Quickly and efficiently solves to challenging problems in integrating disparate devices, technologies, and architectures
  • Provides a uniform information space in which an organization can achieve competitiveness now and in the future
  • Increases the efficiency and quality of management decisions, including the forecasting of abnormal situations and change management
  • Increases cost-effectiveness and lowers company costs through integrated IT support for the organization’s business processes

AZN provides the following consulting services

  • Strategic consulting
  • IT strategy development
  • IT auditing
  • IT division management
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Project and project documentation development

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