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Consumer Loyalty Index (NPS)

NPS is a mirror of customer loyalty and an indicator of the future growth of the company. This indicator, used around the world, has become very popular.

You can easily find a brief history of NPS: the metric was invented by Frederick Reicheld, who studied the link between various questions that may be asked of a customer and the growth indicators of activities. After testing all the possible questions, he stopped at one thing: are you ready to recommend a company?

A loyal customer is an independent marketing company. Customers who like the business can even leave, but recommend it to their friends, friends and colleagues. For this reason, the consumer loyalty index is directly related to the growth of the company.


Feedback - product improvement service using customer feedback. This service allows you to collect customer feedback in real time and manage their dissatisfaction before finding them on social networks or other platforms that can instantly affect the reputation of your business.

The data collected through the Feedback service will help you learn about your strengths and identify priority areas for improvement and development of your product and company, which will help improve service quality and increase customer satisfaction.

All AZN Analytics services are conveniently built into the product, allowing users to interact directly with site users. You can now know who your users are, what they are looking for, how they are thinking and what can be improved in the product.

Customer Survey

An online survey system is the most effective way to get feedback from your customers. The results obtained during these studies allow your company to interact quickly with customers, provide them with quick answers to their questions and receive the data needed to improve them.

A customer satisfaction survey will help you understand your customer's atmosphere, likes and dislikes, which you should pay attention to. And when customers leave you, it is also important to ask why they are leaving in order to address these shortcomings in the future.

You can ask your customers what they would like to see on your site or send them a survey link by email. The online survey system is available in web mode and for mobile devices, allowing you to collect feedback in a convenient way for the customer.

Opinion polls

Opinion polls are a service that assesses the general atmosphere of customers based on the positions you are interested in. You ask the customer a simple question, that he likes your product or a part of it, and he answers "yes" or "no". The advantage of this method is the speed and discretion of the customer, as well as high informational content for the company selling the product or service. Interpreting the results of the survey will help identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business and will become an action guide for improving product quality and customer service.

Advanced Analysis

Extended scans provide you with deeper, more strategic, and more efficient data than your traditional Business Intelligence (BI) reports.

Advanced Analysis is a set of methods used to model internal and external data to obtain valuable information that can contribute to business improvement actions. Advanced analytical methods include data / text analysis, machine learning, model matching, prediction, visualization, semantic analysis, mood analysis, network analysis and cluster analysis, multidimensional statistics, graph analysis, modeling, complex event processing and neural networks.

This set of methods is called "advanced" analysis to distinguish them from the traditional analytical approach, usually implemented using Business Intelligence (BI) systems.

AZN Impact

All collected data is sent to our AI-powered analytical layer. Machine Learning evaluates the collected information and creates dynamic performance benchmarks. The use of predictive logic creates forecasts for future trends based on real-time analysis. Business Intelligence reports provide a concise dashboard view of all monitored trends based on Geo IP, UTM and many other designated parameters.

Benefits in real life

In the words of Layman, if your company's performance starts to fall relative to last year's benchmark in a particular department, services, region, city, or country - AZN Analytics will notify you when this negative trend will begin to take effect. Not when you review your month-end or quarterly reports. This will allow your company to assess the market conditions that could impact its performance and rectify the situation, thus avoiding significant financial losses. In the same way, your company will be notified of any positive trend, which will allow your company to examine the factors contributing to success and spread them to other areas to take advantage of the positive momentum.

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