Industry: Banking industry
Sector: Finance
Size: 20,000 Employees
Year: 1985

Company Bio

Ecobank is a Pan-African Banking conglomerate, with over 1,200 branches in 38 countries, serving both wholesale and retail customers. It's the leading independent regional Banking group in West and Central Africa. The group was established over 30 years ago and is headquartered in Togo.


Ecobank wanted to effectively monitor their customer satisfaction and the ROI on customer support efforts provided by their call center operatives but couldn't do so because their teams across different markets were using a variety of solutions with no company-wide view of their customers experience. We helped by implementing our CUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE SUITE 3.0 (CIS 3.0). The results were company-wide access to real-time data and a holistic view of their customers experience which helped to unify and improve customer experience across all markets.

"...Thanks to the professionalism and effectiveness of your team, our digital interaction with providers worldwide is increasing and we know we can count on your team's support"



Feedbacks analyzed


Feedback mediated


Surveys processed


VoC inquiries analysed

* Data for 2020

The Challenge

Being a large Banking group operating in diverse markets had its initial disadvantages. Teams in different markets naturally resorted to using a variety of solutions which had its implications, ranging from Multiplicity of customer touch points across dis-joined digital channels to an inability to monitor and respond to customer feedback in real-time from a Central Management Platform. Without a unified company-wide view of their customers experience, Ecobank couldn't effectively monitor their customer metrics and ROI of their customer experience improvements.

The Solution

We got to work implementing our CIS 3.0 integration with Siebel CMR via API, allowing it's autonomous A.I to gather and subsequently monitor NPS and CSAT analytics across Ecobanks Omni channel customer journey touch points, from internet banking platforms to mobile apps and corporate websites via automated post engagement emails exit surveys. It's neural networks and intelligent metrics algorithm identified anomalies in already existing customer data, allowing Ecobank to effectively pinpoint adverse changes in customer sentiments. This information is made available company-wide to channels stakeholders on an online real-time dashboard. Better equipping management to alleviate negative sentiment in customer experience. We also made available a First Responders Team to reply to customer feedbacks in real-time. All customer engagements are now measured against set SLA benchmarks and reviewed by a Quality Assurance team.

The Results

Single standardised splution

All markets across Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire and Kenya regional contact centers deployed a single solution which led to a holistic View of Customer (VoC) and provided every permitted person(s) within the company structure access to this data in real-time.

Unified customer experience

With company-wide access to real-time data and a much more definite VoC, Ecobank now boasts a much simpler and unified customer experience across all 22 touch points. Which made it easier for the Banking group to keep track of its customer metrics.

Roi on customer experience iproovement

We were able to combine customer experience data and Ecobanks operational data. This made it much easier to demonstrate the impact of their customer experience initiatives.

Rapid response to feedback/meditation

Ecobank can now respond to customer feedback from a Central Management Platform and with the help of CIS 3.0 teams functionality, They can effectively isolate pain points for each integrated customer touch point and act accordingly.

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