Social Network Monitoring

The social network monitoring is an important element for an effective promotion of the brand in the market. Many people visit social networks daily, so social media is the focus of most of the target audience.

The social network monitoring is an important element for an effective promotion of the brand in the market. Many people visit social networks daily, so social media is the focus of most of the target audience.

Monitoring popular social networks allows you to:

  • Detect changes in the target audience's attitude to the brand in a timely manner.
    User opinions, positive reviews diverge very quickly on social networks. Positive or negative feedback streams result in a rapid change in the target audience's attitude towards the brand and its reputation.
  • Analyze the competition.
    The study of the competition and the comparison of the key indicators, such as the level of popularity of the brand, the tone of the answers of the target public and the number of mentions, allow you to optimize your marketing policy and to find the best means to promote the business.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the company's promotion in the market.
    The increase in the number of referrals and the number of positive reviews indicates the great effectiveness of your promotions. By analyzing the dynamics of social media users' change of opinions, it is possible to determine which campaigns have been most effective. This will optimize the marketing policy and reduce costs.
  • Explore comment features.
    By analyzing the opinions of key people, products and services on the brand, it is possible to identify important nuances for consumers, to adjust the marketing strategy and to make the necessary changes to the customer service or the product put forward.
  • Find timely thematic discussions.
    In the chosen discussions, you can provide interested users with information about the products or services being promoted, by drawing the target audience's attention to the brand's benefits. If negative opinions appear in the discussions, they can be neutralized quickly.

Main requests for monitoring social networks

The effectiveness of social media monitoring depends directly on the accuracy of the key queries that will be used to search for the necessary information.

The size of the semantic kernel depends on the type and quantity of products and services, and also on the size of the enterprise.

As a general rule, the number of essential queries varies from 20 to 50. The elements of the semantic kernel can be divided into several categories:

  • Brands. References to the company are searched for all major spellings.
  • Products and services. These include specific product names and commercial offers. For example, "Unlimited Internet ***", or "***" is the name of the provider.
  • Initials of senior managers in addition to additional queries. If you do not use keywords in the social media monitoring process, you will be working with a lot of information because the network will have many similar names and first names.
  • The brands of the main competitors. The result of social media query monitoring comes from the ability to compare marketing policies, product and service features, and business development strategies.
  • The demands of the industry. These elements of the semantic kernel are designed to search for thematic discussions on social networks. The most frequently used phrases by users. For example, "advising a construction company", "choosing a construction company", etc.

The social network monitoring is entrusted to professionals. Experienced specialists will develop the semantic kernel correctly and provide all the necessary information in a form suitable for rapid perception.

Building on the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and machine learning, AZN has developed its own Brand Intelligence Suite (BIS) 2.0 product, designed to measure and monitor your brand performance via social networks and all channels damaging his reputation. You can view detailed information about this product on our website, and by contacting us.

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