Market Analytics vs. Market Research - an in-depth look

Understanding the market is the key to any successful business, but there are many different ways to ultimately gain that market intelligence

Comprehending the market is the key to any successful company, but there are many different methods to eventually obtain that market intelligence. From focus groups to big data, the methodologies can vary drastically in content, execution, and results. Nevertheless, the purpose of these exercises continue to be pretty universal: gather correct data, analyze it regarding insights, and turn all those consumer insights into better business decisions. The similar can be said of market research and market analytics, though they apply dissimilar techniques.

Market Research: Answering Questions with More Questions

Researching the market refers to feedback obtained straight from the source in addition to those already deployed to deal with strategic questions surrounding company management, product development, plus consumer perceptions. Studies are made to elicit frank assessments from the target audience, to accurately detect attitudes and values with consumers who actually articulate their own beliefs. Brands can query consumers on their preferences, and work with experts to probe participants within qualitative research for more in-depth insight. Analysts can even track consumers’ use habits or buying behavior in real time, because of online and cellular capabilities. The brand associated with qualitative and quantitative information builds a far more holistic consumer base, facilitating a lot more comprehensive and targeted placement, advertising, and messaging.

Market Analytics: From Measuring Business to Measuring Consumers

Not long ago, market analytics referred to measurements taken from systemic analysis of typically the health of a business—things like sales data in addition to profitability levels for merchandise —and set internal resources on the right path using the success of prior tactics. But just like pretty much everything, the www changed that. The overpowering availability of information provides prompted businesses to using internet to boost marketing efficiency, instead of just enhancing existing sales tactics. Market researches now are capable to harvest relevant information from online traffic and integrate it into much more in-depth consumer’s profiles. It is this valuable addition to “know your customer” approach drives these two principles together.

Research and Analytics: Primary and Secondary Research

Rather than focusing on the distinctions between market research plus market analytics, it can make a lot more sense to think of them as two separate phases of consumer understanding. Market research is a form of primary research, taken from the source and providing firsthand evidence; where market analytics is a form of secondary research, a summary of descriptive documentation and synthesis of data drawn from various sources. That’s not to say that either of the two cannot function on their own: both can be gathered directly from consumers and ultimately analyzed through their own lens.

Maybe a company prefers the intimacy of qualitative studies, or perhaps they only have the budget for mining social data. When the two are leveraged together, their advantages boost each other. While market analysis captures what their consumers need you to hear by simply verbalizing experience, market research offers the online habits and patterns that buyers might not willing to share. Brand can employ the two together to be able to validate that on-line data matches your traditional data; that is, your current analytics reflect your analysis and the other way around.

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