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UnityLink Financial Services is a non-bank financial institution in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands which provides money transfer and other related business services.

The UnityLink brand has traded for over two decades with exemplary, professional experience as the most trusted independently owned remittance company in Europe devoted to serve the European-African remittances corridor. Our core values are founded on total customer satisfaction; this has enabled us to provide the best, secure, fast and efficient money remittance services with most major banks in destination countries.


UnityLink wanted to become a stable, secure and reliable service to send the remittance in European-African corrido where UnityLink team can monitor their customers satisfaction and provide prompt customer support where it is needed. We helped by building a user friendly and secure mobile application and integrated our Customer Intelligence Suite 4.0. (CIS 4.0). The results of our work were ten-fold growth of remittance and a detailed information about the customer experience being accessible to the designated employees.

The Challenge

Unitylink had a reputation of a fast and secure way to send money, but when the time passed and the demand of digitalizing the process came this reputation slowly started to fade away as the company didn’t have the up-to-date solution for their brand. Lack of technologically modern applications caused a downfall in numbers of the customers, who decided to lean on the more advanced and convenient competitors.

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The Solution

We started by updating the dashboard for adequate access to functionality for UnityLink employees and fixing the mishandling of the code by previous developers which allowed us to adjust the workflow with the remittance companies such as SagePay and RemitONE. After that the next step of the development was building the mobile application, which helped to increase customer base and the overall flow of transactions. UnityLink took interest in our CIS 4.0 solution which we implemented to facilitate and mediate all the feedbacks and issues which customers may experience during their onboarding. And lastly, following KYC requirements was the crucial part of our partnership. To solve this, we integrated our Onboarding Anti-Fraud Suite, which allows tracking and machine-verifying the credibility of the input documents.

Unitylink mobile app

The Results

  • Returning to the old glory

    Based on the statistics, since our involvement in the UnityLink development, the number of transactions has risen ten-fold as well the reputation of the brand has gotten better based on the reviews and feedbacks left by the customers.

  • Possibility of expansion

    By overhauling and adjusting the business logic and process of UnityLink web services we managed to add the Germany to the list of sender countries with the secured and proven connections to local financial entities: Sofort, Gyropay. SEPA.

  • New Mobile Application

    By building the mobile application we returned UnityLink back on the map of trustworthy and fast remittance companies, which allowed the following development and growth.

  • Voice of the Customer

    By integrating the CIS 4.0 we gave the customers their desire to be heard. By analyzing the feedbacks left by the customers UnityLink is able to pin the pain-points in their service and build the countermeasures to ensure the satisfaction of the clients and prosperity of the company.

Unitylink mobile app

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