Work with Adobe XD

Features of Adobe XD and instructions for working in this program from our designer

For a long time, Sketch was the best tool for a designer. Many have used Adobe Photoshop, which has a number of disadvantages: a lot of useless tools and a complex interface.

Adobe XD – is one of the most popular free software for UI / UX design and prototyping for mobile design. Intuitive interface, all the necessary tools, Adobe Creative Cloud.

To use this program, you do not need to know the full Adobe Photoshop Toolkit and learn how to use it, thanks to a lesson that you can open when you start using the program.

Adobe XD initial window
Adobe XD tutorial workspace

The guide will cover basic tools and prototypes. After studying the question:

"Wow! Why did not I meet this program before?"

1. Preview

As indicated in the manual: click on the play button to open a preview of the application. A new window will open displaying the first screen of the application or site.

Preview window for Campvives app

Preview allows you to test the application by clicking buttons and moving from one screen to another. If anything has changed in the file, the preview will be updated without restarting.

2. Artboards

By selecting the artboard tool ("A" key), you can create a work field manually or select one of the sizes in the right panel, which is very convenient.

Adobe XD Design workspace. Artboard tool options

Program options make it easy to move, rename and copy artboards.

Color palette menu, from the Appearance options

3. Grids

Layout and Grid visualization

4. Guides

This option appeared quite recently and made the work even more convenient. Guides can be copied and pasted onto another artboard.

Work with guides

5. Images

Convenient interface for working with background images. To create the block background, you must drag the image from the computer.

Masking images and editing shapes

6. Repeat Grid

This tool allows you to copy duplicate items. Such as blog entries, menus, lists.

Extending grid


XD has a prototyping mode.

Each object can be associated with a different screen or screen element. The prototyping interface allows you to create simple graphics or to count animations.

Opening post
Overlay menu connection and preview

Other features

Adobe XD gives you the ability to export from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. You can share your design with your team, save it as a .png or .svg image.

In coonclusion, I would like to say that there is no desire to resume work on designs in Adobe Photoshop after the appearance of XD because of the series of advantages of this program. The program is evolving rapidly, offers great opportunities to work with forms and text.

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