Web Design Calligraphy

The use of calligraphy and lettering on sites.

Calligraphy and lettering are very old and effective tools for attracting attention. They found application from business writing, to typing in old books.

Lettering and the “Spencerian Script”
Lettering in a book

In conditions of limited opportunities, calligraphy favorably distinguished some announcements from others, and also was a sign of a good tone and education of the author.


Over the past few years, calligraphy has become a very popular area, having developed not only in wedding invitations and cards, but also on websites.

With the advent of SVG graphics, as well as a large set of fonts that mimic a handwritten font, calligraphy is used by designers who do not deal directly with calligraphy.

“One of the main goals of lettering and style is the fast and efficient transfer of information.”

Calligraphy is used in headings, logos, names, thereby creating a contrast between the regular font and handwritten letters.

There is no need to use calligraphy on the entire site, as in this case there is a risk of pushing the user away from studying the content.

The handwritten inscription in the image above sets the mood for the entire site and, despite its size, looks easy and pleasant.

The director and animator Satoshi Kuroda added a large lettering with a brush to the site, not only in the title of the site, but also in the menu. Despite the amount of content on the page, I want to look at the site again and again.

Web Animations and Calligraphy

With the expansion of font capabilities, it became possible not only to diversify the headings with an unusual font, but also to use different effects.

SVG animations and TweenMax library help create the effect of writing text.

Similar examples find application in logos, headings.

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