Unusual map services

I give you my word - you will be surprised when you find out what mapping services exist.

My acquaintance with cartographic services, as probably many Russians started with the DoubleGIS 3.0 (2gis) program. Her distribution company at that point in time (2008 - 2010), it seems to me now, was extremely successful, although at that time I thought that distributing CDs on the street every time the next update came out was the height of stupidity. It is a pity that at that time I lacked knowledge in the field of economics.

GIS experience

We at AZN are very proud of working with our customers, one of which provides banking services. It has offices, fast transaction points, ATMs and many other types of representative offices that people need to be able to find. It is from these considerations that the need arose to develop a mechanism for managing geo-data: add, load, edit, delete, and display.

In general, the business process: the content manager loads the prepared Excel file, which the system parses (defines the fields, fills the classes with instances), after which it transfers the received geo-data to the database, then from the database using the Leaflet JavaScript library , the received geo-data is displayed on a map with intuitive smart filters.

Our filters can be called smart, because the GeoIP service is used to initially determine the approximate geographical position of the client. Its essence is that by the IP of the user who visited the site, it is possible to determine its geographical location, which allows us to set its country in the filter. Now browsers can transfer physical location. For this, the user only must give his consent.

You can familiarize yourself with the list of technological solutions that we provide in this section of our website.

More details

Having studied this topic now, I honestly was surprised at what there are application options for map services. I would never have thought that you can track in real time, for example, the movement of ships and aircraft. It seemed to me that such information should be strictly classified and accessible only in related fields of activity.

I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the map services that I managed to find:

1. Pastvu: retrospective of human habitat

A huge collection of photos from foundations and family archives that you will not find elsewhere. Thanks to the pictures, you can better learn the history of your city, peek at the details of everyday life, or remember a glorious youth. All images belong to the digital era: the oldest photo dates to 1826, and the last - the beginning of the last decade. Photos can be posted independently.

2. Retromap: old maps of cities of Russia

Maps of Russian regions, cities and weights made in different periods of history: from the 13th century to the present.

More than 2 thousand maps are tied to the coordinate grid: they can be immediately compared with modern Google Maps. The site also has a gallery with many historical documents: postcards, paintings and other images that are attached to the coordinates of objects on the site.

Almost all the cards are laid out in very high resolution, they can be rotated and viewed for a very long time. Many are sorted into separate collections: look, for example, cards that were used in the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army or Japanese cards.

The site is integrated with pastvu and a whole range of resources: on the maps you can display, for example, the existing and destroyed Moscow churches.

3. Aerial photography of the Second World War

Aerial photographs of individual cities from 1939-1945 Most of the shots were taken by German reconnaissance aircraft.

The site has collected many images belonging to the National Archives and Records Administration (USA). All photos are tied to Google Maps and distributed by city.

There is, for example, the besieged Leningrad, Moscow of 1941-1942, seen from the air, as well as Estonian, Polish, Ukrainian cities.

4. Old maps online: system for searching old maps

Site that searches for historical maps by time, author, and geographical location.

5. Map of all satellites flying above the earth

Interactive three-dimensional visualization of objects orbiting the earth in real time.

6. Map of the location of ships in real time.

7. Aircraft map. First one.

8. Aircraft map. Second one.

9. Map of hostilities.

Its use is available by subscription.

10. Map of nearby stars.

11. Historical map of the World dating back to 3000 BC

You can see how the borders of states have changed from 3000 BC to the present day.

12. The battle from 2500 BC to the current time.

13. Map of nuclear explosions.

14. Map of light pollution.

15. Weather map.

16. Map of the winds.

Very interesting map. It can also show temperature and many other cards.

17. Internet map.

18. Tourist map of Russia.

19. Map of time.

20. Road accident map of Russia.

21. Map of air pollution.

I am sure that there are still a lot of interesting cards that I could not mention. If you are interested in this topic, then you can try to independently search them on the Internet.

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