The influence of asymmetry in software development

A million cups of coffee drunk, thousands of swear words, hundreds of broken keyboards and dozens of broken fates. It is the result of ruthless regression errors accumulated for years or even decades, found in written applications during the stereotyped life of bearded and sad geeks who spend sleepless nights in beer bottle dumps.

None of the developers could have imagined that this moment would arrive at the climax of the development of the Legacy code, when the asymmetrical effect of accumulated problems would prevail over the foundations of the logic that is at the heart of the system. The asymmetry of the influence of a faulty code on a software can be represented as a dam of ultimate force, on which the pressure continues to grow and after its break, it will be too late to correct something. Is this not a reason to think about optimizing the application and switching to new versions of frameworks or the fragmentation of a monolithic application into modules? Determine if the error rate in your application has changed and how long it takes to fix the features that are supposed to work. If the answer is yes, then we have bad news.

To avoid regression errors, it is necessary to properly approach the planning phase and the design of the system architecture. Of course, at AZN, we do not pretend to predict the future, but we are able to determine the information product development branches and define it at the planning stage. With this approach, the number of regression errors is minimized, and the convenience and security of integrating changes goes further.

Asymmetry in software development can manifest itself not only in the form of "dam break" and regression errors, but also in the case of incorrect marketing policies, for example in social media. In this case, the asymmetry can be expressed in the massive discontent of the users: an intrusive advertisement can be taken as an example. Several approaches can facilitate the introduction of SMM (social media marketing), the most advanced using third-party APIs that is able to follow the style and mood of users (sentiment analysis), generating the necessary feedback of customers and business owners in the form of graphs and reports. In addition to social networks, there are feedback modules that allow the user to quickly leave his opinion or his wish on a product. The use of tone analysis modules (style, mood) and feedback gives you a complete picture of how users feel about your business. The most valuable is the dynamic of attitudinal change, because our world is not a static image, but a complex dynamic system.

You can always see examples of the work of such modules on our website or you can contact us directly via contact forms. In addition, if you have long nurtured the idea of an "advanced" application, but you hesitate to develop it, AZN is always ready to fulfill your dreams. Who knows, maybe this idea will also be asymmetrical and lead the Philistines into the target zone. Remember that the most significant events always occur outside the normal distribution.

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