The benefits of distance learning for the developer

Everyone knows the problem of time management: "Do everything - it is still not enough." Every minute is important for future developers, because technologies do not stand still and full-time training cannot guarantee their timely receipt. There is a solution.

Today, scientific and technical progress is growing by leaps and bounds, generating a large number of industries in which the value of a temporary resource is greater than ever before.

In the development of any software product, whether open source or commercial, the respect of modern technologies is necessary to optimize the existing business processes, reduce the cost of the resources used and increase the desired effect of the implementation, in order to enhance your image with the eyes of the IT community and, more importantly, the commercial attractiveness of the project to attract potential investors.

However, the knowledge needed to use modern technologies, unfortunately it cannot be downloaded directly into the developer's memory, as if it were a smartphone that had to update the version of the operating system. The resulting lack of knowledge about the developer is usually squeezed. If we are talking about completely new developers, the way to complete them is usually an educational institution in which it spends time on the roads, on non-specialized topics for general familiarization and often on communication with teachers who are not interested in teaching. These and many other factors can adversely affect the desire to continue learning and lead to rethinking the plans of life until a decision is made to refuse to follow the chosen path.

With the constant growth of the number of technologies that can have a positive impact on the business, the developer must be able to competently manage their time.


To achieve the goal formulated above, in the arsenal of the average developer, there are ways such as:

  • discussion forums on some development issues;
  • question and answer sites, such as "Stack Overflow", where everyone can ask their question and everyone can answer it and where the best answers are at the top of the topic;
  • online courses with theoretical and practical components, after which it is even possible to obtain a certificate attesting to their success upon completion;
  • educational videos;
  • webinars;
  • meetings and conferences;
  • coworking;
  • etc.

Of course, the existence of such funds significantly reduces the costs of learning new technologies by the developer.

It is likely that, in the near future, mainstream educational institutions, now widely accepted, offering full-time education will fall into oblivion as they will not be able to compete with online education. In any case, future developers will only be able to publish a database, initial knowledge in computer science, algorithmic, design architecture, etc. In addition, future developers will go freestyle in an unknown ocean of modern technologies and development approaches.

So why not ask yourself if it's necessary to spend your valuable time on tasks that may not be useful and start growing and making money now?

At AZNResearch, we support such ideas and are able to help organize distance learning, and not necessarily for developers. We have the power to develop a platform of any complexity not inferior to analogues and meeting all the requirements of our potential customers.

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