Six signs that your business website needs improvement

Do you have your corporate website, but sales of your products and services are stagnant? It may be time to check if your website is doing its job - whether it is generating the right traffic and affecting sales.

In the digital age, a website is the face of a company's transition to the world. If you are unable to attract the necessary traffic, you miss the opportunity to convert it to future customers. To determine if your website needs to be updated, we have listed five signs that indicate an inefficient website, as well as simple, cost-effective solutions to overcome them.

1. Obsolete content

If the content of the product has not been updated for a long time, this can reduce the effectiveness of regular search on the site and reduce sales.

How to fix? Rewrite the content of all your products can be expensive. A cost-effective approach is to rephrase sentences and insert relevant keywords. The keywords should reflect the feelings of the customers in order to increase the effectiveness of search for products in the search engines. For example, a silent vacuum, a wide screen, etc.

2. Low clickthrough rate (CTR) and search results

Search engines direct traffic to your corporate site by browsing relevant keywords. If you notice that your site is not working very well in search engines and you are not clicking on the product pages, you must solve a problem with a low clickthrough rate (CTR).

How to fix? Updating keywords and metadata (meta-titles and descriptions) and moving dynamic URLs to static URLs can help your pages containing products and services to appear higher in search engine results; thus increasing the CTR.

3. Your pages have a low ranking in search engines, despite the optimization

If you have optimized your corporate site with keywords, but you're unable to rank better in search results, you should invest in more effective backlinks. Backlinks is an external optimization that involves publishing links to your page from an external site.

How to fix? Create a blog on your site. Since the blog will be placed on the site's domain, it will also serve as a platform to improve the overall ranking of the site in the search engines.

4. Web pages load slowly

Most Internet users pay special attention to the Internet and your website may not work properly because it takes a lot of time to load your pages. This problem can be identified using simple third-party tools.

How to fix? Improve your site's text-to-code ratio, which means your pages will have more content than code. Flash applications and embedded videos can significantly increase page loading time. You can solve this problem by publishing an image on which visitors can click and watch the video.

5. High bounce rate

A high bounce rate is a sign that customers cannot find what they are looking for on your site. To solve this issue, you need to reduce the number of layers (or web pages) that your client needs to browse to access the desired page.

How to fix? Make sure your products are catalogued correctly because most people search by category. Search path analysis will help you determine the details of a typical customer journey - the location of the search, its purpose, and where the customers are on your site. This can help you identify opportunities to improve your internal search keywords and determine the number of irrelevant searches that have caused customers to leave your website.

6. You do not respond to negative comments about your business on the Internet

On our website, we have written extensively about the importance of preventing negative influence on your brand through social media.

How to fix? If your business is small and you receive a few reviews a month, be sure to treat each revision manually. For medium and large businesses, we suggest removing this routine using our Brand Intelligence Suite 2.0 solution.

If you want your website to be professionally evaluated, contact us. AZN helps your business become better.

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