Gradients in web design

We're going to dissect the current digital design trends, first up Gradients.

For a long time, gradients have been forgotten in web design, recalling the old sites of the nineties. Gradients can be seen in the headers and as a background for the buttons.

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But now everything has changed, and you can see a lot of designs using gradients and pure bright colors.

Why the use of gradients can be useful?

A well-designed gradient correctly places accents and draws attention to important elements.

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You can use the gradient not only as a background, but also for buttons or icons.

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Main types of gradients

Linear gradient

Linear gradient colors blend seamlessly and line up in a straight line.

Radial gradient

Unlike the linear gradient, colors spread from one point.

Conic gradient

It differs from the radial gradient in that colors are not distributed around the center of the circle, but around the circle itself.

Color mood

Each color causes different emotional reactions. We must use this tool to communicate with the public on a more intimate level.

Think about the emotions that users who use your site should feel.

For example, shades of red, yellow, and orange are used to create a happy atmosphere.

However, for a calm and relaxing atmosphere, it is best to choose a gradient of blue, green and blue.

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