Main characteristics of successful market research companies

In this article, we will try to answer the following question: "What is the secret of a successful market research firm?”

As the growth in the number of digital users has been a very tangible subversive force in all sectors, for now, this is no longer necessary. However, it is necessary to consider the situation of the branch of market research, whose growth rate has remained unchanged: 2%. This can only be explained by inflation. We can say that this industry is on the verge of a recession and it is clear that the leaders of this sector are struggling to preserve and increase their achievements.

We have had the opportunity to work with many research companies around the world at all stages of their growth. This experience has allowed us to understand the fundamental properties of successful companies and, as a result, to better understand what is missing for companies facing multiple hurdles. After the advent of modern information technologies, corporate clients have stopped seeing the need, for example, for outsourcing. Now, they are able to meet their needs independently through these technologies.

Market research companies that recognize the need to change and implement their business processes can stay afloat and, in many cases, demonstrate enviable growth. Companies that react more slowly can expect the opposite result.

As you can guess from the name of our organization, we are closely linked to this industry. In our work, we have repeatedly observed the two possible situations: some companies are growing rapidly, while others are barely able to remain viable. To help companies in difficulty, we decided to share the essential properties of successful companies involved in market research.

The leading companies performing market research are:

  • Resourcefulness and concentration on the chosen skill. They use reliable partners who can help them in different ways.
  • Development of advanced technologies and very rapid adaptation to market developments.
  • The uniqueness of having unique data from multiple sources, technologies, global networks, and so on.
  • They are constantly turning to acquisitions to enable them to offer competitive products and services at a premium price and fast service
"We strongly believe that companies in difficulty in this sector should take the time to think about the above properties of already successful companies. We are certain that they will be aware of the causes of their lack of growth / or why they are losing customers."

Customer thinking is one of our core values at AZN and, with that in mind, we try to contribute to our customers' business strategy, including those aimed at achieving the four properties mentioned above. If you would like to know how we can help you, contact us at or fill out the comment form on this page.

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