Approaches to optimize software products

Many software system owners sooner or later encounter performance issues of one type or another. AZN offers the following classification of solutions to solve a wide range of performance issues.

Optimization "cosmetic" or "light": includes a set of measures associated with minor changes to existing code and system settings. Here is an example of optimization:

  • Transition to the modern protocol HTTP 2.0, which allows downloading static files in multithreaded mode while respecting the advanced security measures (new versions of TLS, requirements for the encryption key).
  • Change existing styles and small system scripts into optimized ones. In some cases, it is possible to implement an animation using style sheets rather than scripts.
  • Setting the compression of static and dynamic files, can reduce the size of injected files up to 10 times ; respectively, it directly affects the speed of loading pages.

The next class of optimization is "medium" or "intermediate". It includes the most significant changes:

  • Transfer the system to the cloud. In some cases, can significantly increase performance and security. In addition, cloud technologies allow you to adjust server performance with minimal effort, scale horizontally, and administer applications through an accessible user interface (UI).
  • Develop plug-ins or connect existing APIs. In some situations, it is possible to replace the existing modular functionality without interfering with the core of the system, for example: integration with chat rooms, anti-fraud systems, feedback modules, anti-spam filters. The experience of AZNResearch allows you to design, develop and integrate your own modules and third-party modules of various topics at no particular cost.

The last class is "cardinal" or "hard" optimization, which is a time consuming but the most effective one. It includes:

  • Optimization of inefficient interactions of architectural components of the system.
  • Optimization of database schema, reconstruction of existing relationships, setting indices, updating queries and stored procedures.
  • Complete rebuilding of the database schema.
  • Optimization of the system core or development "from scratch". Before the development follows a step of constructive dialogue with the customer, the coordination of requirements and the design of the solution are done.
  • Complete update of the system interface without rebuilding the kernel. It includes a full range of measures to develop a modern, high-quality graphic design based on modern reactive technologies.

Determining the approach needed to optimize systems is a complex process. This is why AZN has been offering consulting services for many years in the field of security, development, optimization and maintenance of IT products of varying complexity.

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