Video Identity Verification Solution

VIDV offers KYC (Know Your Customer) solution and aims to help our clients to provide a unique, simple, frictionless, high-security experience that meets the highest standards required in international regulations during the onboarding process. AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and eIDAS (Electronic Identification, Authentication, and etrust Services) regulations are remodeling the market by allowing customer acquisition processes to be reduced from days to seconds, for example, open a bank account online with total security and complying with the regulations. Now you can go from application to transaction in under 10 minutes.

Our VIDV process coupled with Identity Antifraud enterprise service is transforming the way in which companies and customers interact. Current eKYC solutions, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning allow businesses in any sector, such as banking, insurance, financial and investment services, to be digitally transformed, reduce digital customer onboarding costs, mitigate cost associated with KYC, AML compliance and grow by offering a unique user experience.

Catch 60% more fraudsters and also flag high-risk cases with the VIDV + Identity Antifraud formula, the most extensive set of KYC analysis in the industry.

VIDV is the first and only technology that combines video-streaming with artificial intelligence to identify people in seconds, from any device, and through any channel. It provides the same technical and legal security as face-to-face identification. It applies machine learning techniques to learn to identify faces and verify the identity of the person and the ID documents required in the onboarding processes.

You only need an electronic device with a camera and internet access. This simplicity establishes a disruptive change in digital identification that complies with the maximum legal guarantees of KYC processes and AML regulations and aims to end mandatory acts of personification currently required by some companies that have not digitized this process.

VIDV allows a fully online bank account opening and the contracting of policies, complying with the most guaranteeing regulations in the field of identification such as eIDAS or AML5.

KYC and re-KYC

Verify billions of individuals from more than 195 countries.


Support huge inflows of incidental verifications.

Know Your Business

Verify small and medium
enterprises (beta).

The integration of VIDV enables our clients: to reduce time-to-market from approximately 3 weeks to just 3 minutes and to increase the user conversion rate to 84%.

World Standard 100% Compliant

Equivalent to face-to-face identification, video streaming technology has become the standard for high security ID verification processes. 41 countries have already introduced regulations allowing customer onboarding through video streaming technology:


VIDV works asynchronously (VIDV Substantial Registration + Agent Verification) and synchronously (Videoconference Interview).

VIDV helps you improve your omnichannel customer experience

VIDV: Allows for the identification process to occur in real-time and remotely. This is far more convenient for the individual than having to visit a bank branch or post office. Videos are recorded in high resolution, meaning that the person and their features can be seen very clearly. Also, the documents can be seen clearly, scanned, and checked by automated software. The process of recording a live video is also a major deterrent for thieves and fraudsters. No criminal wants to leave evidence that can trace back to them, and criminals know that recording a live video is a sure-fire way to get caught!

AI and machine learning: Identity checks that are made possible by using face recognition software, AI and machine learning simply cannot be done face to face. There is also a major time-saving factor. VIDV using facial recognition to match the person on the video with identity submitted during initial onboarding. Operators are alerted in real-time if the identity match fails and prompts for ID documents to be shown and rescanned during the video call session. The inability to produce documents will result in a failing identification verification check.

VIDV is a carefully designed process that incorporates a variety of different disciplines including criminal psychology and various automated analysis of both biometric features and document integrity.

Identity Antifraud Suite

Documents can be scanned and checked far more quickly using these methods than they can by a human being in an office. The software detects the type of documents and the country of origin, as well as reads all the information visible on the document. The authenticity of a document is also checked, and this is something that it would be extremely difficult to do for an ordinary staff member who is not trained in spotting forgery. Even if someone was trained to spot a fake document, the process would take a lot longer when carried out by a human as opposed to being back by automated methods.

360 Degree Onboarding Fraud Protection


Step 4
Data consistency

Completed applications are reviewed by human service operators (if required by the country’s KYC/AML regulations)


Step 3
Personal Identification

Applicants’ interaction with online application is evaluated by ML based Behavioral analysis to spot deviant (fraudulent) behavior. Our Identity Antifraud Suite monitors over 500 data points and provides detailed Antifraud score via a comprehensive dashboard


Step 2
Face Verification

Uploaded ID documents and photo ID are matched with Facial recognition and evaluated with cognitive services.


Step 1
Facial recognition

Clients complete fast-intuitive new account/service application on the Digital Onboarding Platform.


Step 5
MRZ Checksum validation

In-compliance, approved applications are automatically scheduled for VIDV call. The platform manages video call scheduling based on support availability.


Step 6
Digital Forgery Detection

Applicant initiates previously scheduled VIDV call via mobile devise or browser. The solution matches streaming video with previously submitted photo and ID documents. Results are provided to the operator in real-time. Operator has access to all documents provided during onboarding and summary of Antifraud score. In the invent ID cannot be matched, the applicant is requested to re-submit documents via live scan or upload during the call. Failure to produce required documents will cause application to be declined and rescheduled if requested.


Step 7
Behavioral analytics

KYC/AML compliance facilitated by recording and storing all documents and VIDV calls. To further improve compliance VIDV platform facilities scheduled or OnDemand (triggered by fraudulent activity) video re-authentication. VIDV Solution emails link to selected clients with the request to recoded 30 second video during which they read outload provide text. Recorded videos are authenticated by Facial and speech recognition and automatically update account status with result. All done without human interaction. Compliance team can always review and affirm results.

Digital ID Verification and Forgery Detection Process

Detect one or more human faces along with attributes such as age, emotion, gender, pose, smile, and facial hair, including 27 landmarks for each face in the image.


Compare the likelihood that two faces belong to the same person; such as selfie and uploaded ID document based on confidence score.


Match an individual to up to 1 million people stored in your private repository.


Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) code to identify a document’s holder, as well as assess its validity and detect tampering with checksum warning visual intensifiers.


Indicates the ‘data consistency’ section, with warning flags next to the inconsistent information.


Optical font recognition and its manipulation detection for ID forgery detection


Evaluation and fraud assessment of Digital footprint (digital shadow) the unique set of traceable digital activities, actions, contributions and communications manifested on the Internet or on digital devices such as social media.


How do you defend against identity fraud?

Fraudsters use the path of least resistance to commit fraud and test exploits en masse. Millions of identities are trafficked through black markets and used to create fake accounts. In absence of e-IDV and KBA in Sub-Saharan Africa, hit rate yields a much more lucrative return on stolen identity information, than in Europe or North America. Because AZN Antifraud threshold score is based on 500 + data points and requires possession of a device in addition to compromised identity information, black market identity information isn’t sufficient to pass AZN verification.

When e-IDV process becomes available in the client’ country, it is easily integrated into AZN Antifraud Suite to further strengthen solution capabilities in preventing financial fraud by complying with KYC, AML and CFT requirements.


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